Norton Ink

Argentina 2002


This is a good game for 5 or more people. If you have 5 playing, you take out all the cards above 5 (leaving four of a kind of aces, twos, threes, etc), if you have 6, take out all the cards over 7, etc. In this way there is a 4 of a kind possibility for everyone playing. Then you shuffle the cards and deal counter-clockwise. Everyone should have 4 cards.

You discard one card to your right (the dealer starts it by smacking a card down and saying "YA"), and take the card from the person to your left. In this way you try to collect 4 of a kind. The first person to get 4 of a kind yells, "Chancho!" and puts the cards face down on the table, and their palm as well. As soon as you hear "Chancho" everyone puts their hand on the pile as well, the person with their hand on the top gets the first letter of Chancho written on their wrist. Then it starts over, when someone has the entire word chancho on their wrist, they have to sing the chancho song, which ends with saying "oink oink" but I don't know all the words to it so......

that part will have to wait, I think.

you can either play until there is just one loser, OR until eveyone gets tired of playing, even when someone has a full chancho on their arm they keep playing.

anyway, if someone doesn't have 4 of a kind and they yell just a part of "chancho" for instance, "chan" and someone puts their hand down, they get a letter on their hand.

If someone can prove that a person didn't have 4 of a kind and yelled chancho, then the person who yelled gets the letter on their hand.