Norton Ink

Argentina 2002

20 Junio 2002

This is the start of my travel journal to Argentina. Some of you are saying, "Hey you haven't left yet!" I know, I know. But it is really hitting me today, especially as all the errands are getting wrapped up and I am a good way to being completely packed. Clearly the laptop hasn't gone in the bag yet, but it is close! I have had a nervous scratch at the back of my throat for 3 days and now my stomach is starting to do flops. Eleven weeks is a LONG time to be gone!

All my quotes are set on random and I have to say the one at the bottom of this email is so fitting, amazing how life works. So tomorrow I set off for Argentina but I won't get to my final destination until 8:15 Friday night, but I think that Posadas (the city I will be staying in) is about 4 or 5 hours ahead of Pacific time. I will be in Buenos Aires about 7 hours while waiting for my flight to Posadas...YUCK!

This is such a great opportunity for me and I am really lucky to have a spouse that is SO supportive! Everyone keeps asking Kevin what he will be doing all summer without me, and while I know I will be busy and my life is going to completely change, I know that I will miss him so much that it is beyond comprehension to me (kleenex break). I know that I will miss so many fun things this summer, the Kendig family reunion, Ellen's wedding (consider changing the date to one week later! ;-), bar-b-ques, everything. At least think of me, or raise a beer or send me an email :) I finally get to become fluent in Spanish, a long long long long time dream. Thank you Kevin and the Nortons and the Ormes for being supportive and making my dreams come true (wow another kleenex break). So don't forget about poor Kevin, give him a call every now and again, ask him if he is keeping up on mowing the lawn.

I hope to get the chance to send out a weekly newsletter thing, telling what I have done and weather and things like that. I will also email the people who email me (you know who you are). So that is the hope and I might slack a tad from time to time, procrastination is key, after all.

This week has been fun and busy, trying to get in visits with everyone (partying like a rock star) and still get everything together by tomorrow at 7am. I doubt I will sleep very well tonight. However, after this email it is likely that the only way to reach me is electronically. I do promise to be safe, to be careful, I have copies of documents in different places on me and luggage and at home. I won't carry much cash with me at any time. I will try to send postcards to you all (some people I don't have addresses for so iffin you want one, email me). I guess this has been a really boring email, hopefully they will get better, if not and you don't want to get them, let me know.

love you all, see you after September 7,


"There is nothing harder than being given your chance."-Deborah Chiel