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Pigs on Parade

Rachel is the brass piggy bank in Pike Place Market, funds placed in it are used to fund the Pike Place Market Foundation. This foundation helps fund much needed programs for low-income seniors and families in the Pike Place Market neighborhood, including the Marker's Child Care and Preschool, Medical Clinic, Food Bank and Senior Center.


This summer (2001) 200 fiberglass pigs in the likeness of Rachel, decorated by local artists and groups, are scattered throughout the Seattle downtown core and city. There are parades, contests and at the end of the summer all the pigs will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Pike Place Market Foundation. The pigs are beautiful and fun, like running into a little hidden gift on any corner. Kevin and I took a day and roamed around Seattle taking pictures of some of these great porcine. Most of the following links will lead to pigs, some to the sights we saw that day.


Pigs on Parade has its own site! Pigs On Parade


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