Norton Ink

Personal Responsibility Philosophy

While I don't believe in a God/Creator (I think, perhaps, maybe, I don't know) I do think that things happen for a reason and that in the end, things also work out. Therefore, as humans, there are things we need to be responsible for. These are some of them:

Be honest

Be moral - don't lie, don't steal

Don't do anything you don't condone in others.

No matter sex, color, creed, or sexual orientation we are all in this together. We are all human. Act accordingly.

Anyone who is mean to animals is not a nice person.

When you do good thing it will come back to you. Same thing goes with bad things. Therefore as much satisfaction as you would derive from devising the downfall of someone who has acted against your interests, it is better to realize these people will get what they deserve without your input. However, you probably won't get to see it which isn't as satisfying.

I do believe in positive forces in the Universe and by the same token negative forces. I am not a proponent of negative energy no matter what my friends might tell you ;-)

With our global resources running out, when you choose to procreate you are automatically doubling the waste of one person. So, if you chose to have children (which I have nothing against, it just isn't for me) only recreate yourself. That means one couple equals two kids, MAX.

Since we have just this one world and this one chance we may as well work to make it better.


So there we are, world according to Karri. Go be good to each other.